Life Changes On Monday

Exit sign, from behind

For a lot of people this coming Monday (1st July, 2024) will be the first day of a different life as they DON'T go to work. Central government agencies have been commanded by the current Government to cut costs and explicitly by stopping work and reducing staff numbers.

Whilst the latest public count of role cuts is 6,227 by my estimation it's going to directly affect around 4,551 people. There will, of course, be massive ripples out as families, households, private sector companies, and Wellington service & retail companies are touched by these changes in people and incomes.

Sidenote: I believe there are still more roles to be cut as David Seymour (Leader of the Act party who are a vocal and active coalition member) wants at least 7,500 people cut. He is, if you couldn't guess, a neo-conservative with a, "small government" mentality. What the government won't be able to perform will then be picked up by a small band of private organisations for profit, this is the end goal of the Act Party.

If you are affected in any way I have a number of articles that you may find helpful:


Self Care
  • Courage And Following Your Dreams - Scary Shit
    For me the moments of courage come in two packets - letting the goal grow, and letting the passion come out.

  • Never Alone
    ... no-one needs to tackle the problems of the world on their own. Never alone - reach out!

  • Stop!
    Asking yourself, "Do I really want to keep doing this?" is good for your health.

To support others
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your day going?
    I cannot recommend this highly enough as both for support people / friends / family that are keeping an active eye on someone in their life, but also just as a great way to connect not matter what the situation.

  • Depression Within Someone Else's Relationship
    My advice is talk, talk with all parties and be open and honest. Allow yourself to be wrong but push when you feel you need to. Be courageous for a fellow human being.
Remember, you are NOT alone! Talk to everyone you know and never give up.


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