Asking yourself, "Do I really want to keep doing this?" is good for your health.

Back in 2016 when it all went pear shaped for me I wish I had the nous to ask myself this question. Fortunately it was Liz, my ex-wife, who simply said, "Mike, stop. You cannot go on like this."

I stopped. Everything.

For a few days I lay in bed looking at the ceiling. I then managed a few movies and messages to some close friends. But I had stopped.

I now often stop. I stop pushing myself out of the now, I stop moving so that I can see the world around me, I stop in order listen to myself.

The rush to do, to be, to be somewhere else can feel like the only way to be, it's not.

So, my glorious handsome dear reader, what can you stop?

When you notice yourself hitting a wall, remember to stop so that you don’t get hurt. What do I mean?

  • Stop trying to control something you can’t control.
  • Stop trying to change something that isn’t changing.
  • Stop trying to help someone who doesn’t want your help.
  • Stop doing something that isn’t working.
  • Stop doing something even though you've always done it that way.
  • Stop moving forward without asking, “What do I want? Where am I trying to go? Is this working? What is this costing me?”


  1. I'm often to be found hitting walls on my journey with my mental health. I really should start asking myself these things too.


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