Kerið Volcanic Crater

The Golden Circle tour is about as touristy as one can get in Iceland, second only to The Blue Lagoon.

First stop for me was Kerið Volcanic Crater, a 3,000 year old explosion crater, 55m deep with a lake at the bottom, which really demands a clear sky and the Sun lighting up the colours. Still, it was a nice stretch of the legs walking around the crater rim.

Oh, and wow for a music venue with floating stages - Bjork (1987) and the opera singer Kristján Jóhannsson [video]. Apparently it has amazing acoustics.

Kerið Volcanic Crater from the scrubbed rim showing the blue lake at the bottom, and half the crater up to the rim. In the distance is a barren hill and the Icelandic country.

To get a sense of scale if you zoom in you can see figures walking along the crater rim, yup, it's a big hole.
Rim of Kerið Volcanic Crater showing people walking around


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