It's Coming To Us All

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Oops, sorry, did I make you jump, so sorry. It's a word that is so so much more than just a word. Feel the difference between, "death", the word, and oh I don't know, "stick". Both just words but wow the weight of the word "death".

For some the weight, that dark heavy lead smell and taste, is too much and we sidestep it by using one of many euphemisms available such as:

  • passed on
  • no longer with us
  • departed
  • resting in peace
All used to deflect the power of the word "death", we just don't want to state it in the face and feel it's presence.

I have been around a number of deaths, some friends that committed suicide, a few work colleagues, and some family members most notably my Dad, Derek. There are also famous people dying that, through their art, work, and presence, have made a connection that is sad when they die - John Lennon, Spike Milligan, Jon Lord, and others.

The toughest death that has affected me is that of my Dad, Derek. The death of a parent or a child has to be the deepest cut.

Perhaps the toughest thing to have had to adapt to was her mother’s death last year, nine years after her father’s. “When you lose both parents you go into a different place. You lose your roots, and there’s something about me that feels very ungrounded. The foundations have gone, basically. It’s scary, but also quite liberating.” A tiny smile lights up her face in the gloam. “The possibilities are endless,” she says.

source: ‘I don’t like to dwell on the dark side’: Jane Horrocks on life on her own, family and first love, Ian Dury

When death enters your life, and it absolutely definitely 100% will, then be kind and, if you need it (and who doesn't), get support.

Oh, and if the word "death" is too heavy to lift then fuck it, use one of the many euphemisms.

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