In Another Universe

In another universe I am living with a woman called Jane.

I've never seen Sliding Doors, but I get it. There's a small number of times I can consciously pinpoint that changed my life. There's also an infinite number of unaware moments that determined the person writing these words.

I am not living with Jane, she lives a life far from me. That doesn't mean I don't wonder what could've been, sometimes. You know, a certain something plucks the synapses and I have a smile at the imaginary life that slid by due to choices.

It's easier to think about the lives, the many lives, that could've been however what about the one that I have.

It's a life full of choices, and each moment is a choice. I really thank my previous selfs for the choices I've recently made to be where I am, I feel a person full of love and joy.

Unemployed, but full of joy and love 😁

Choices, we all have them all the time, never forget it.

The "Warlock Of Firetop Mountain" book, handwritten map, pencil, and a die.


  1. Nice way of thinking. Choices galore. Sometimes life deals you situations too. Makes life interesting!


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