I Am An Organ Donor

The medical profession can, when I am dead or very near to death:
  1. Let me go if it would help,
  2. Keep me physically alive to preserve my organs, and
  3. Take any and all organs and bits they need.

(copy the above paragraph, amend if needed, and pass it on to everyone you need to)

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Who should I tell? 

Everyone that knows me tbh, and especially my kids, sibling, and lover, who are likely to be the ones being asked by a doctor if they can harvest my bits and bobs.

Here in NZ that is all you need to do, see next from Organ Donation NZ: Have the conversation:

Can I register to become an organ donor?

When applying for or renewing your driver licence, it is possible to tick a box and have ‘DONOR’ printed on your licence. However this is only an indication of your interest in being an organ or tissue donor, it is not an official organ donation register.

The most important thing you can do is have a conversation about donation with your family, whānau or those people closest to you and let them know your wishes. If you are ever in a situation where donation is possible, doctors will discuss donation with your family and ask your family about your wishes.
Get amongst people, copy the top paragraph, amend if needed, and pass it on to everyone you need to.

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