An Unconventional Approach

"So, what's Mike actually like then?"

If a person were about to meet me and that person were to ask my friends or family this question I would suspect the answer would be along the lines of, "He definitely has an unconventional approach to life."

There's a stubbornness to my unconventionality. A place of solidity upon which my self image feels safe, secure, and permanent. A place that may have served me well up until these changing times but no further.

I've had an extremely lucky life, I've been blessed with happy times, abundant times, loving times, and when the times don't fit with those I have always known within my core they will come back. Those times will return but my core isn't so certain that the rock I have stood up on before will be that useful.

A change is needed. 

A change in what I hold dear.

Being the stone that skips along the surface, flying from one thing to another worked from the moment I was thrown into life, but I am now at the edge of the lake and that momentum no longer holds me up. It's time to get off the water and onto land ... 

"Money will come", I've always believed that and I have NEVER been proven wrong. As I have grown less and less conventional with money I have less and less faith in that phrase, this is definitely an age specific feeling, society doesn't want me to work forever. Well, it doesn't want to pay me forever, it would be happy for me to become a volunteer and keep contributing.

And so, my unconventional approach to life is changing. I suspect I will settle on something that I think is more appropriate and then be told that it's still unconventional ­čśü

Mike Riversdale in a black t-shirt with, "semi-retired" written on, looking down at the camera


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