The Pirates! In an Adventure With Vicky, Bert, And Mike

A delightful and funny movie* that has given me a stack of awesome Mr. Bobo monkey butler GIFs.

I love the concept of Queen Victoria being part of a society of world leaders that dine on endangered creatures and becomes outraged and murderous on not being able to eat Polly.
Stop motion puppet of Queen Victoria from, "The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists" movie by the UK Aardman studio.

As for the rest of the Victoria and Albert Museum, hmmm, it's quite the collection of 'stuff'. Rooms packed with statues next to corridors displaying iron gates. There's gold in there however you need both a plan before entering and a focus of need combined with a high level of adventure and a serendipitous loving mind.

* such a shame that Sony didn't pick up the next movie, would've been awesome.


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