The Last 10 UK Thoughts

Having recently(ish) returned from the UK this a final post in a short series of "Things I've noticed whilst being in the UK" posts.

There are no groupings as this is the final post and it's just a brain dump of the things left.

Let's get into it ...

Michael McIntyre is still shit.

If you say, "Thank you squire" I will judge, harshly! You're a twat.

There are as many alternatives to the word "dead"/"died" as there are for drunk. Just say dead, it's ok

The security guard in Waitrose wears a faux flack jacket (with a pen in the pocket). The militarisation of the UK continues.

Young men smell nice. Pampering is a thing for them.

The river Wye is brown with shit and pollution.

There is money, a lot of it, around.

Broadcast / terrestrial TV is absolute shite full of reality shows or quizzes with a bit of news thrown in.

I can't remember anyone from my home town apart from a few old mates I've stayed in touch with.

The banking system in the UK is ancient and crap.
Wye Bridge and a sunset lit Kymin

I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts, or shouted at my incorrect lunatic ravings, or been intrigued, or simply had a wee smile.


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