Can YOU, "Spot The People"?

Who remembers Spot The Ball, that thing from the 1970, 80s, and 90s, that joined your Nan's Littlewood's football pool entry in her weekly ritual of newspapers, pen, and quiet time.

If you're craving the fun of bygone times I am here for you:
  1. Download the photo,
  2. Place your cross on the spot where you think two people were*, 
  3. Upload your choice somewhere,
  4. Pop a link in the comments 
  5. WIN!
Green grass, tall trees to the left, blue sky with fluffy clouds, and a tree covered hill in the distance

Spot The Ball - The Story! is a grand short history of Spot The Ball with this shocker but if info:
It’s not where the ball ‘really’ is!

Many people aren’t aware that the ball they were trying to pinpoint was not the actual ball from the image. A group of experts decided where they judged the ball to be, and it was this location that players were trying to locate with their X’s. Using the ball from the original image made cheating possible as people could track down the photograph to find its correct position. Of course, all the Spot the Ball experts worked independently of each other and the decision was held in a secure location!
And if you're wanna see classic coupon, here ya go (thanks Guardian)
A 'Spot The Ball's coupon from a UK newspaper back in the day. Includes the photo for your X, the rukes, space for your details, and the address details.

* I used Google Photos "Magic Eraser" to remove the two people from the original photo.


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