"I use “Nazis” throughout .."

Substack is an online service where you post articles (like this) but also have them emailed out to subscribers that may or may not have paid. I have been such a paying subscriber to support new users of the system in their "getting off the ground" stage.

It recently had a Nazi/right-wing problem and they have dealt with it in, well, an interesting yet typically Silicon Valley tech bro approach. 

Over in Mastodon I saw the Substack Has A Nazi Opportunity post from Ken White, read it, was impressed by both the argument and the easy reading style.

It is the note attached at the end that I wish to draw your attention to:

I use “Nazis” throughout in this post as shorthand to refer to an array of right-wing bigots and assholes with the secure knowledge that doing so will offend and annoy the people I intend to offend and annoy.

I shall borrow this and use it now and for ever more, it's is perfect.

GIF: Nazi being punched out in Seattle, Sept 2017 (click/tap for story)


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