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"May you live in interesting times." is widely assumed to be a Chinese curse and, although it's not, it still expresses where we are right now in AoNZ - we are at the start of some very 'interesting' times.

In other parts of the world the 'interesting times' have been crashing over society for a few years now, mostly enhanced by ballsacks of "leaders" such as Putin, Trump, Johnston, Modi, Netanyahu, and others.

Here in New Zealand we are, according to James Shaw, about 5 years behind in the level of government distrust, society discordancy, belief in lies ("conspiracy theories"), and violence as a means to "win".

James made the "5 years behind" call in the first episode of the RNZ Undercurrent podcast released a week or so ago. He was discussing with Susie Ferguson the time he got beaten up walking to work/Parliament and where he believes we are today. I suspect he's being a little optimistic, this year's election will not doubt be the window into where NZ is truly at.

For most New Zealanders, political violence has always been something that happens in another country. Now, as we embark upon an election campaign, it's a clear and present danger in Aotearoa. RNZ’s Susie Ferguson presents Undercurrent, a seven-part documentary series on misinformation in Aotearoa. Watch, read and learn more at rnz.co.nz/undercurrent.

7 episodes to scare each and every Kiwi, but with the knowledge gained we are much better prepared for the 'interesting times'.

1: The Landscape
What does the misinformation problem look and sound like? And how big of a deal is it in Aotearoa, really?

2: The Gateway
For people drawn in by seemingly benign mis or dis-information, things can escalate quickly with conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric.

3: Natural born skeptics
Two people share their stories about being a part of the networks of mis- and disinformation. How they got there, what they found, and what frightens them most now.

4: Husbands, brothers, friends
The people who live with, love - and sometimes fear - the angriest voices in the disinformation community.

5: Muddying the water
Has misinformation infected mainstream politics in New Zealand? And if it has, what would that mean for our democracy?

6: Hallmarks
How to spot misinformation - and some ideas for dealing with it.

7: The endgame
Yes, there really are reasons to believe society will not be overwhelmed by misinformation.


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