A Meal Inspired By Bob

Bob Mortimer is a UK national treasure, and alongside his mate Paul Whitehouse, present one of the strangest BBC TV programmes to ever become a hit.

They are both natural comedians and the banter is funny as they sit and chat about life, men's health, and anything that comes to mind.

It's also filmed and edited beautifully, it's a rest and a bit of peace in these mad mad times we live within.

In between Bob falling over or getting over excited about actually catching a fish, which they always release back with a glorious, "And awaaay." Bob will whip up a riverside meal for them both and the crew.

The food is usually hearty, camping-esque, and always with a Bob twist - he once made mash potatoes with crisps.

Corned beef hash, OMG, what a gloriously simple and wonderful meal and the moment Bob put one together I had to do the same.
Collage of Bob Mortimer cooking corned beef hash and my attempt


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