Sunset Boulevard, Watch It!

Anyone who knows me knows that the greatest film of all time is Casablanca - heck, some that don't know me already think that.

Then there's Citizen Kane, a genius of a movie that still holds up so strong today as it did when it first came out. Yes all the innovative film techniques are now standard movie lexicon, some have been parodied a million times. But, like Casablanca, it's the story and the acting that truly take them to the next level.
Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in the movie 'Sunset Boulevard'
Another film I've had drifting about me all my life is Sunset Boulevard. The ending is so well known I felt I'd seen it already, but I hadn't until a few days ago.

Wow, what an absolute corker of a movie with, again, stunning acting and a story so strong it could've been a novel.

I do love me a good movie from the pre-1970s even if much that was released does turn out to be quite, um, awful to our contemporary sensibilities. Those classics though, are classics for a reason, gorgeous to look at and perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Here's a list of movies that I think everyone will love:
And I would love to have more, please share your classics that you absolutely love.

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