It's Ok To Leave A Drink

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a drink poured is not a drink that has to be drunk.

Yes, I like a beer and the (in)frequent wine, this is true but that universal law was one that was, for a long time, unknown to me. When you don't really have a lot of money, or have a history / upbringing of making do but not having money to chuck away, it's weird to know you don't have to.

Also, alcohol is my emotional crutch (surprised?) and the thought of leaving that alone of a night was for such a long time a thought of, "But, no, I will have to face myself".

I'm obviously in a better place.

Now, when I'm done, I am done and have no qualms about leaving a drink half quaffed. In fact, it's a strength and I love it when I do it. No one has to deal with 'finger wagging Mike', I don't have to deal with 'finger wagging Mike'.

Leaving it undrunk is fine, it really is.

A half drunk glass of beer


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