Drinks For Derek

After Dad died I arranged a wee get-together with a few old mates that knew him so we could raise a glass in his honour and share laughs and stories.

My brother also came along, via the magic of the Internet, all the way from Sweden.

It was a weird night for me, I wasn't really in the celebratory mood, and I think it was one of the first times it struck me that he was no longer with us.

Cheers Derek Alan Boyle, you helped me smile, cry, and become the person I am today, very proud of you ❤️
Two people in a colourful pub chatting to someone via video call

There's also this one, as my brother chats to my oldest NZ-based mate (we came here together) - unfortunately can't quite be my daily photo coz of that damn red post, grrrr
Woman sitting near grass chats to someone on video call


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