3 Reasons To Send A Postcard

1: No-one ever does anymore, be different,
2: You can send personalised ones,
3: Everyone loves actual physical post.

Agreed? Good. 

You now have a choice, pop down to the local tourist place, find the greatest (your own definition) set of 5 postcards, fill them in, slap on a stamp, and slip them into the nearest postbox. Walk home smiling.

Or, do it the way I do, with the MyPostcard app*

Download the app, get 5 of the greatest (your own definition) photos you've ever taken, upload and fill in the app postcards, pop through the money, and push  them off. Lean back in your chair smiling.

* If you use the link above you & I get a wee bit of credit, but I'm not doing it for that.
Created Auckland Museum 'old postcard'


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