We F*@kin Love Startups podcast

Podcasts about tech are two a penny, I know as I ran one. However, podcasts based in Aotearoa New Zealand sharing stories of Kiwis (of all flavours) are hard to come by, I know as I ran one.

A while ago the most awesome and out there dude Troy Hammond, co-founder of the tech/start-up recruitment company Talent Army, took up the mantle and is now successfully running his own show, We F*@kin Love Startups.

He's perfect for such a show, I know as we had him on an episode.

Aaaaaand, he's connected to buggery, recruitment peeps generally are, and has already got a season full of interesting, controversial, funny, insightful, and experienced guests. It's a listen I now rarely miss.
We F*@kin Love Startups podcast logo
Not only is the podcast wonderful to hear but Troy has been very kind in a week homage to Raj and I and Access Granted - awwww, how glorious is he :)


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