Breaker Bay, Pretty Much Buggered

It's a weird suburb is Breaker Bay. It's a stack of houses, some very very big and expensive, dotted along a road that winds it's way around the foreshore with a view for everyone.

To their backs is a large hill but I wouldn't say they 'cling on to the hillside' as they're all down at the bottom, mere metres away from the road and then foreshore.

It's predominantly, but not exclusively, wealthy, white, and (fairly) elderly.

It has a massive independent community spirit which I absolutely loved during my short tenancy. If other places could be a tenth as community focussed as they are we'd all live in a much healthier planet.

It's buggered though.

Climate change and the raising of the sea levels are gonna slowly chip away the foreshore creeping ever closer to the road. The times of flooding will become more and more prevalent. Actually, it's the probable slips that are a major worry for the 'authorities'.

The overriding reaction to all this is one of, "We've always lived here and we will deal with it.". Hmmmmmm.

I wish nothing but loveliness for Breaker Bay. However, it is buggered in the long term.
View down to Breaker Bay, Wellington in New Zealand


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