Fab Lab In Masterton

Do you know what a Fab Lab is? No, let me tell you ... a Fab Lab ("digital fabrication laboratory") is a place that allows anyone to pop in and create a thing. Any thing. They are chock full of 3D printers, laser cutters, heat presses, vinyl cutters, and all manner of tools to use. 

Most importantly though they have people that can help you use them, guide you in getting your thing created, and give you tips and techniques to get the best out of your own projects.

They have a huge leaving towards supporting local communities, and educating the young 'uns (but oldies are absolutely welcome).

So that's what a Fab Lab is, and for us in the bottom of the North Island we have Fab Lab Masterton ... it rocks!

Currently they are open for drop-ins on Friday afternoons, no booking required, at 44 Queen Street, Masterton
Fab Lab laser printed desk sign


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