Einstein Tattoo

I got me a new tattoo in December 2018, the Einstein field equations for General Relativity.

Why? Coz it's the most beautiful theory yet conceived. It describes the position and movement of everything in the known universe.

And it is both right and wrong.

When Einstein popped this out from his mind (fuck, isn't that just amazing), the universe we knew was static, not growing, not shrinking, just what it it was. And yet his theory indicated a dynamic universe, but wha? So Albert popped in the cosmological constant, the Λ (lambda) symbol to make sure it all worked out for a constant universe.

Hubble looked up, did some calculations, "Oh well, the universe is expanding, look at that data".

Einstein went, "Ah, fuck!", or actually, "That was my greatest blunder".

Buuuuut. It seems the universe isn't quite perfect with the Cosmological Constant being 0 (ie, not involved), it needs some value ... possibly.

So when Einstein was wrong it turns out he was right, probably, maybe.
Getting a tattoo

btw: Got the tat done at ninjaflower, highly recommend.


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