My First Colour Image File

I can't remember the year I saw my first colour image, but I totally remember where it was.

IBM at a PC expo in London and they had a their new desktop machine showing off graphic capabilities. Line by line this thing would draw a full colour image on the larger than normal monitor.

"Wow, that's like a photo!", I remember thinking as an image of a demure woman in summer sports gear was slowly revealed.

Late 1980s was it, before that maybe.

This however is not that image. This is the first colour image I ever 'owned' and, like the Peanuts cartoon, has travelled with me via many tech places over the years.

Doing a Google Lens search resulted in this awesome, [ Retro GIF of the Week ] Twin Chinese Dragonswith everything that's likely to be found about DRAGON6.GIF

Two Dragons (DRAGON6.GIF)


  1. "Deluxe Paint 2 [..] there in the “artwork” directory was “DRAGON.LBM”, dated 7/26/1989, 1:24pm, 188,340 bytes! It is 640×480, 256 colors."


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