The Adam Buxton Podcast

The Adam Buxton Podcast
Another of my go-to podcasts, The Adam Buxton Podcast, hosted by ... well, you're a clever person I'm sure you can work it out :)

It's very much a talking heads situation, Adam sets up the person coming up, they have a chat which can range from hilarious to deep and back again. Whilst the interviews are almost always fascinating (check out the recent one with Lee Mack, I learnt so much) they are always conducted with kindness and love ... can be a tad duvet-ish at times and so I have to be in the mood.

Oh and they might not be the only reason I listen, but something that makes me smile everytime I listen is his theme music and the musical stings, they are just plain brilliant.

But when I am in the mood and that theme music kicks in I always smile and know it's gonna be a good next hour.

I added one more podcast to the giant podcast bin
Now you have plucked that podcast out and started listening
I took my microphone and found some human folk
Then I recorded all the noises while we spoke
My name is Adam Buxton I'm a maaaa-aaan
I want you to enjoy this that's the plan


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