Shedunnit podcast

Another in my "these are the podcasts I'm currently enjoying, maybe you will as well" series.

Shedunnit, ("The podcast that unravels the mysteries behind classic detective stories") written and presented by Caroline Crampton, is a sheer delight and one I look forward to each week.

I have thought a few times that maybe the Golden Age of Detective Fiction isn't a subject that's going to sustain this podcast past a few episodes but Caroline just keeps coming up with novel (!) and engaging ways to not only look at the stories themselves, but the authors, the times, and how it all connects with us listening today.

I find Shedunnit to be a perfect dinner prep podcast with each self contained episode informative, engaging, and reflective of the subject itself - that intro music for example!

Brilliantly Caroline puts up the transcripts of each episode, something I wish we had done on Access Granted NZ, ho hum.


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