Watch Footloose, I Did

As part of my #IveNeverSeenStarWars I recently got to watch Footloose (1984).

It happens to be a mates favourite movie and she has been quietly letting me know that she was shocked and horrified that I'd never seen it.

One winters evening we stocked up on beer, pizza, nibbles, and I loaded up Footloose on the harddrive.

Now, I have another mate who is a self-confessed hoarder of things. He has a spreadsheet of his t-shirts. He's much better than he was, or so he claims 😜

This mate also has a tonne of movies downloaded and I took the opportunity, pre-COVID, to make a backup for him of a select few, including Footloose.

So, we kick off the movie and ... hang on, this doesn't seem right. "Is this is it?", I ask my Footloose fanatic friend. "Um, no, not how I recall it starting ...", she replied confused. It was Footloose (2011), The Remake and OMG it was awful. Well, the opening scene was, we stopped watching and deleted it pretty damn smartish.

Watching the original was fun. The story of change and ultimate reconciliation between father (John Lithgow) and daughter (Lori Singer) was beautiful.

The songs were the songs, the (in)famous Kevin Bacon dance scenes were as I recall them from many a parody skit, loads of silly fun. 

John Lithgows character portrayal definitely elevated the movie in my mind. Was truly fantastic.

I'm glad I watched it however I don't think I have any need to return to it though.

So, out of 10, I'd give the experience a good solid 7.5.

Thanks Han.

What next on my list of things to do that surprises people I never have yet, one of the following I suspect:
  • Go to PM's question time
  • Look through a telescope and see the planets
  • Get a body pampering


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