[Updated 2] Vote 2020 x 4

It's no secret I shall be #PartyVoteGreen and likely to be Labour Paul Eagle for my Rongotai electorate. I shall also be Yes for both referenda.

Now that's that out of the way you should of course ignore it and do what you feel is right.

First of all I would urge you to VOTE! Make sure you're enrolled and your details are up-to-date: https://vote.nz/enrolling/enrol-or-update/enrol-or-update-online/

Done that, no really I can wait, off you go, check your details ...

Ok, good. This year from Wednesday 30th September (overseas) / Saturday 3rd October (in NZ) to 7pm on Saturday 17th October you get to vote on one or more of the following:

  1. The makeup of Parliament
    1. Party vote
    2. Your local MP
  2. Cannabis legalisation and control referendum
  3. End of Life Choice referendum

You can vote via post, look out for your voting papers later this month, or in person at many voting booths around Aotearoa New Zealand.

That's who (YOU!), when, where, how, and I shall assume you know why. If you don't think it makes a difference just look at the US and the shit it's in to see why ticking a few boxes can mean the difference between a fucked up society or one that works.

Finally there is what. What will you vote for - no idea, up to you.

Maybe the following independent sites will help you, and even if you have your mind made-up they are fascinating exercises to go through.

Note: I'll update this list as more get released. That's if the larger political parties get around to actually releasing their policies.

Parliament makeup

Cannabis legalisation and control referendum

End of Life Choice referendum

Don't forget you have FOUR choices available to make (you can vote in one, two, three, or all four, it's up to you):
  1. Party vote
  2. Your local MP
  3. Cannabis legislation and control referendum
  4. End of Life Choice referendum
Remember, you are NOT directly voting for who you want to be The Government. All our votes are for the makeup of Parliament and once the makeup is known who becomes the Government is down to the majority party and any partner(s) it does deals with.


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