No More Jockeys, A Game Of Our Times

Alex Horne, Mark Watson, and Tim Key are all UK comedians and longtime mates. Sometime ago they created a silly game and during the (UK) lockdown they brought it back, playing over Zoom, and uploading each game to YouTube.

Here are the rules, enjoy your own game with mates.

Rules of the Game

  1. No More Jockeys is, traditionally, a two player game.
  2. A coin is tossed, and the winner decides which player begins.
  3. The first player names a person - usually a well known person or celebrity - followed by a category into which that person fits. This category is then eliminated ie. no other person named in the game from this point can fit into this category. For example. Jacinda Ardern, No More Policians.
  4. The opponent must now name a person who does not fit into that category, followed by a category into which his new person does fit. This category is then eliminated, too.
  5. The first player must then name another person, who fits into neither of these categories, followed by a new category into which this third person fits. This category is then eliminated.
  6. The opponent must then name a fourth person, who fits into none of the eliminated categories, followed by a new category into which this fourth person fits.
  7. The game continues in this fashion until a player makes a 'Challenge'.
  8. A player makes a 'Challenge' if he believes his opponent has nominated a person who DOES fall into one of the categories which have been mentioned in that game, and therefore eliminated.
  9. A challenge is made by saying 'Challenge' after a name and category is given.
  10. If the player challenged concedes that the he did indeed name someone he shouldn't have, the game is over.

Finer Points

  1. Following the naming of a category, a player may call out 'Name Another' if he wants his opponent to name another person who falls into that category. This is to prevent the naming of a category into which only that one named person falls.
  2. If a person fails to name another, they forfeit the game.



  1. No More Jockeys can be played by any number of people, playing in turn, if desired.
  2. In this instance a player may only make a 'Challenge' on his turn.
  3. One by one, players successfully challenged retire from the game leaving one eventual winner.


  1. No More Jockeys can also be played against the clock, if desired. 
  2. This usually involves each player being given five minutes with which to play; a period of time can be measured on a chess clock.
  3. When the game starts, the opening player must press the button on their side of the clock. Their time will then start to tick down.
  4. After naming a person and category, the button should be pressed again. His opponent's time will then start to tick down. This process is repeated until a correct challenge is made.
  5. If no correct challenge is made in the time available, whoever uses up his five minutes first loses the game.
  6. Gameplay is more stressful when against the clock.


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