It's The Little Things

The sound of a buzz on a tape, the beauty of puns in Asterix, or even roads that don't exist, are all subjects that someone somewhere has a passion for.

The passions of people, especially the small (to the rest of us) show the majestical state of being human.
It's The Little Things In Life That Count cartoon by Spike Milligan

"It's The Little Things In Life That Count", Spike Milligan

I have a delight in the smell of books, and have even given a talk about it, where the smells come from, the chemical makeup, and how in the modern world we may lose this sensation to maybe have it replaced by another.

Mostly these small delights are kept personal, maybe shared with those close to us, which is a shame as it truly is fabulous when one is discovered.

Imagine my glee upon finding the BBC podcast The Boring Talks chock full of subjects that seem insignificant but are, when heard from those devoted to the subject, intensely fascinating.

As an introduction here's the latest episode with Keith Stewart, who knew that 'loading music' had such an ongoing fanbase?!?


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