Neighbourly Takes Off In Miramar

You may have already heard of Neighbourly, a new "social networking" site that's available for communities (think suburbs) across New Zealand - if not here's what they say about themselves:
Neighbourly allows you to stay connected with your neighbours and community using a private neighbourhood website. It's a free service that is designed to make your neighbourhood a safer and better place to live.

Members of Neighbourly use the website to interact on topics such as local events, after school activities, crime and safety, council issues, local services or even lost pets.

Neighbourly also offers a crime prevention service for members within its communities. Members are kept informed of any suspicious activity and can also inform each other instantly of any urgent crime or safety updates via SMS text message.

For me I think of Neighbourly as one of a number of "social network" sites that have a particular focus:
  • Facebook = individuals
  • Twitter = conversations
  • Google+ = interests
  • Neighbourly = communities
For instance, when you join Twitter you are there to talk with/at/to people, with Facebook you connect to individuals and over on Google+ your initial get go is around things you love (probably photos :) Now I know that's a broad brush and that Twitter has individuals, Facebook has groups/pages and Google+ has wonderful conversations but they are secondary to what drives them. Easiest is to think how do they on-board new sign-ups ... exactly.

So, Neighbourly in the community (suburb) of Miramar is, I am lead to believe, one of the more active communities within Wellington and probably (my guess ;) the whole of NZ - at the time of writing that's 145+ members with an average of 5+ joining per day. Not bad for something that's been around for a mere 4 - 5 weeks.

If you've heard me talk about communities in any professional sense you know that I will say:
The best communities exist off-line first, use on-line tools to strengthen and broaden connections and then truly become embedded when they meet up off-line.

Miramar has always had a strong sense of community, it's in the air, it's in the schools, it's part of how the businesses based here talk and so we came from a solid start. 

Neighbourly has, through it's ease of use and solid use of Leads, promotions, support and email, supplied us with a tool to broaden the community and to extend the conversations - mighty.

And, even at this very early stage (maybe a month old), there is talk of BBQs, movie nights and even a very well received games night! Meeting off-line is the sign of a strong, resilient and vibrant community - welcome to Miramar

(and thank you Neighbourly)


Also check out my "Best of Miramar" map for all the goodies we have here


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