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Wellington Cafe's With Wifi

[Updated] From @AdamShand - "updated my "Welly Wifi" map with your new suggestions:"

Earlier today I tweeted the following question
Wgtn peeps, where's a good cafe with wifi (free awesome) for a weekly breakfast catchup (thinking 10+ attendees but likely to grow)?

And the response was almost instant and very VERY useful.

@jo9ty then asked
Will you put the info you've received re cafes with wifi in Wellington, onto your blog at some point?

And I thought, absolutely ... but I wonder how to easily collect the tweets. I then recalled others popping tweets into a Google Spreadsheet for archival and wondered if I could automatically capture the tweets coming through into a Google Spreadsheet, I mean both Google and Twitter are on the web right, surelly this should be easy.

Easy, it was more than that, it was done for me! A Google search lead me to share the info via my work Twitter account (@WaveAdept)
Wanna get/keep a Google Spreadsheet of tweets, open+copy this: Thank you so much @brelson via ^MR

And here's the result for you all to love:


  1. Updated my "Wellington Wifi" Google map.. :-)


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