A Stunning Frosty Day In Monmouth

Seems like the frost hit Monmouth (Wales, UK) tough last week having many photographers rush out to capture stunning images.

Being the owner of the Flickr group, Monmouth (Wales, UK), I am constantly on the trawl for awesome pictures of my 'growing-up place' and look what I found from Keith Moseley (imaginedhorizon) a long time and frequent contributor to the group.
Chippenham Field in the Frost, Monmouth

Monmouth Gate Bridge

And the same goes for Bill (stillbase) also a fantastic contributor to the group and very proudly had the following 'Monmouth in frost' photos on the Fickr front page gaining him much deserved exposure
Seen (or should it be scene) at the Golf Club

I urge you to click through and see the many other photos - here's a sampling from the Flickr group itself


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