Stats That Make Me Go Hmmmm

Been a while since I did a 'aren't you readers just the craziest of kids' post ...
So here we go using the latest Blogger stats feature. Note, this has only been collecting data from May 2010 so it's not really indicative of everything. If I had the time I'd check with my Google Analytics which has been running since 2006 ... biut this isn't a report for the board but a "Hee hee, who would've thought that" post.

Where do you come from?
The top 5 make up the vast majority of you guys and yet I am surprised just how many more of you are from the United States and not NZ (where I am) or UK (where the family is).
In order of living within this country' preference:
  1. United States
  2. New Zealand
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Peru
  7. India
  8. Italy
  9. Germany
  10. Russia
What else makes me think about stuff, oh ...

What computer stuff are you using?
Web browsers you're using ... probably:
  1. Internet Explorer (53%)
  2. Firefox (19%)
  3. Chrome (11%)
  4. Safari (7%)
  5. Java (5%)
  6. Opera (1%)
  7. Mobile (<1%)
And you browser is likely to be running on
  1. Windows (84%)
  2. Macintosh (10%)
  3. Other Unix (2%)
  4. iPhone (1%)
  5. iPad (<1%)
  6. PlayStation Portable (<%)
  7. iPod (<1%)
  8. Linux (<1%)
  9. BlackBerry (<1%)
  10. Nintendo DSi (<1%)
How did you end up here?
To be fair mostly it's Google with a smattering of Bing, Twitter and Facebook.
Having just recently re-joined Facebook it'll be interesting to see if it rises up the pack.

Although NeoGAF is still bringing in the eyes.

AND - RedShoesDay gave this blog a spike as well ... just you wait for next year (Friday 18th June, 2011)!

And finally, what are most of reading?
Apart from Humour From The Wire, Item #182 (Letter Of The Year) which had such a huge hit it after apprearing on Digg (I think) needs to be taken out of the stats the following are the most popular posts.

Well, that's it ... and unlike the past I couldn't find any funny (!) search keywords directing people here ... sad :(


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