The Latest On The Miramar Cinema Build - Grand Opening March 2011

Stuff (local newspaper) has a good article about The Miramar Cinema - Glimpse behind the scenes at Miramar movie palace.
The salient facts are:
  • Jamie Selkirk and Tania Rodger kicked the $7 million project into gear more than a year ago
  • They have teamed up with Weta Digital's Tim Alexander, Penthouse cinema co-owner Ian MacLeod, Cafe Polo co-owner Valentina Dias and bar owner Jonny McKenzie to create an opulent, 1930s-style cinema
  • Many of the interior fittings, including columns and artworks, are being made by Weta Workshop
  • The construction will cost about $5 million and fitting out the theatre in 1930s-style furnishings will cost another $2m
  • The new theatre will have a restaurant, cocktail lounge and bar area seating 140 people
  • The building will house two cinemas, one with 164 seats and the other with 55. Hollywood blockbusters and arthouse films, sourced by the Penthouse Cinema,
  • There are plans to hold a 1930s-themed street parade in Miramar to celebrate the theatre's opening, which is scheduled for mid to late March next year
Get jealous people ...

And check out my ongoing Flickr photos of the build and "We love our restored cinema: from Capitol Court to THE MIRAMAR" Facebook group


  1. I think you mean "Grand Opening March 2011". :-)

  2. Oops ... I do, will update after my good night sleep.

    Thanks for pointing it out


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