The Hobbit May NOT Be Filmed In NZ

[Updated] Listen to the Fran Walsh / Philippa Boyens / Helen Kelly interviews from @NineToNoon

Well, I don't actually know but the rhetoric is flying high and Fran Walsh / Phillipa Boyens (producers, writers) are about to talk on National Radio.

A statement from Peter Jackson last night:
Next week Warner Brothers are coming down to New Zealand to make arrangements to move the production off-shore.

Check out the latest news:

Richard Taylor (Lord Miramar ;) said this morning that he's "clinging on to hope" ...

I have to say that there is a lot of hot air coming from both sides and it's not a "done deal that NZ won't get the Hobbit" - likely but not definitely [updated post title to reflect this]

I will be placing the sole of my boot to the arse of the Auckland actors that may have fucked up NZ's chances. And their statements have not helped really.

AND, this isn't a film project starting with the best feeling - original director leaves, filming location moves, finance is only half found. What jolly fun for all involved.

Updated after @ninetonoon interview with Fran Walsh / Philippa Boyens / Helen Kelly

Fran is pissed off - says they are still blacklisted by the union.
Philippa is angry that the union didn't realise their actions would

They've both "had it with the game playing"

Fran mentioned the Aussie dude from that seems to be the mastermind (think Moriarty / Machiavelli) behind the union approach. Anyone remember his name, Simon someone? Aha - Simon Whipp, Assistant Federal Secretary of Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance. Speak up Mr Whipp, what are you doing over here in New Zealand - Make a statement please!

Neither of them would / could say that the Hobbit is definitely leaving NZ.
They are "fighting to keep the film in NZ" - they can "feel it slipping out of our fingers" - "it's not in our hands".

There's a massive loss of trust and willingness to work together (producers / unions)

Here we go, Helen Kelly from the
They are stunned that the "ban has been lifted" (on Sunday) but it's not what's being reported by the producers. They have been told by Warner Brothers to be quiet and now "they are holding the information to be used against us".


She says they have the right to bargain, if not "what, should we shut up and put up?!?"
Fair call ... seems it's got out of hand and the unions realise that they were playing in the big pool.

"People are naive if they don't think it's about Warner Brothers not wanting to get bigger tax cuts"
Yeah, I think it is ALL about money ... that's the reason they (WB) want to review making the film here. No-one thinks it's anything else, surely. But if I had $500million to invest I'd make bloody sure I was putting it into a safe place - NZ is perceived that it might not be.


Check out Dan Rabarts (@rabarts) post: He's a technician that, hopefully, will be working on The Hobbit in NZ and was part of the march through Wellington last night [video]


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