Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned

I have learned loads. I really mean it LOADS! So much learning that I've had to make room in the headbox by dumping some stuff ... home address, number of wives and what I am doing writing this.
  1. People who write blogs are generally outward looking people
  2. Blogging should involve at least one link to soemthing, most #30DaysOfMe #FAILed
  3. If your RSS feed isn't the whole post, I won't read it
  4. I have now unsubscribed from 99.9% of the #30DaysOfMe blogs
  5. Some people (JH) should write more, much much more
  6. Most #30DaysofMe blogs that I read were well written and a pleasure
  7. Sharing rocks
  8. Keeping some things off-line is probably a good idea
  9. Writing should come from the heart and not be forced.
  10. I love writing
And bonus: I love dressing up ... that's not new, but it might be for you :-)


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