Day 26 - What you think about your friends

Right you glorious fluffy bunch of friends, here's where I really dish the love!

I think my friends are awesome.

To be honest though I don't actually see enough of my NZ friends ... booooo :(
Maybe it's transition ... maybe it's poverty ... maybe it's laziness (on my part).

BUT, something has to change because I think they are all awesome.
They are true friends, there when times get tough, there to share the laffs and there when it's just good to talk and hang out.

Hmmm ...

And there's definitely a "circle" of friends.
There's the old OLD friends I've had since I was a new immigrant.
The ones I met during the Australian years.
And the ones I am meeting new now ...

Some friends I seem to have known for many lifetimes and can't quite imagine them not being around. I count them on one hand. They are drawn from the the old, new and in between circles.

Friends are my lifeblood actually. And I genuinely miss not being with them quite as much as I would like.

And Liz is my friend. Number 1 friend.
Without Liz there would be a space, a hole, a gap.

Perhaps I could say the same of all my friiends ... but Liz is that and more.
She is my best friend.


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