All The Family Huddled Around A Glowing Laptop

The times when the kids were growing up it was a tradition to have the laptop on and the Northern Hemisphere family watch as the presents are open. A lot has changed since this photo in 2017, the kids are young adults, my Dad is in a home, the Swedish side aren't allowed to travel to Wales due to COVID, and I won't be around the kids this Christmas Day. It's not so much the change, the kids were always gonna move on and with the divorce new rituals have been created. It's more that it's happened in 3 years, 2017 seems both a long long way away (as does January, remember then?), and yet close enough to touch. Whatever your routines are be prepared to change them, but keep the rituals . 

Day 25 - What I would find in your bag

Ah ... this is the one that's gonna screw me up as this is obviously aimed at those that carry hand/manbags around and well, I don't. I don't even have a wallet. Nope, it all gets stuffed into my pockets and I am done.

I do have a 2009 black Webstock bag that I transport the laptop around in but it got cleaned out recently and so all it now has within is a laptop and some business cards. And fluff.

What to do, what to do ... um, er, how about this, I'll list the things I think are in Liz's handbag ... no, probably not a wise move eh.

Let's call this a #FAIL

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