Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot

I crave, crrrraaaaaaave I tell you, a lot, heaps, oodles of - actually, before I tell you all my inner deepest darkest secret let me ask you a quick question (in the understanding that I know you can't actually answer me as it's late and I'm at my home and if you're actually here to answer me I will shit in my pants)

Unless you're Liz.

The one question about is ... what is a craving?

Is it when you wake up in the morning and can only think of that first glass of water to clear the goobies from the mouth and unclog the bottie?

Or is it the shakes, sweats and house robbery that comes from not enough smack ... or something equally down and street.

Either way, when do you know when you've got a crave on?
And when do you know it's merely a passing fad that will be satiated or that it's an obsession that requires constant feeding otherwise it'll eat you and all around you?

So, what do I "crave a lot"?



  1. Justice is something man has been craving for over the centuries. Justice mean different things to different people. According to your birthright and civilization or lack of one or other and maybe both.

  2. Very true ... it is subjective and individual. But something to strive (nay, crave) for, no?


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