Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Unlike some I am only aware of one actual nickname (not including all of the sweet nothings that the crowds of millions have whispered into my delicate ears over the eons).


That's it, Billy. My nickname was Billy.
In fact, many at college (that's the place I went after school from ages 19-22, just so the Kiwi's understand), didn't realise that my real name was Mike and I once got asked, "Who's this Mike guy we've got to work with this term?"

And why - 2 reasons that collided at exactly the same time the name was given to me.
Oh, hang on, just thought of another short lived nickname I had at the time, Ostrich.

Reason #1: Fast running
I was, in my youth a fairly fast mover across the land. This land was the Welsh land that enjoys the weekly comic, The Beano. In this comic there is a long standing character called Billy Whizz.

Reason #2: A fox
My original surname was Boyle (you all know about the change). In the UK during my growing up times there was, on BBC TV, the craziness of Basil Brush (boom boom, ha ha ha uuuuuuuh) and his side kick was ... Billy Boyle.


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