- WTF You Numbskulls

So, I see an ad on TV with a bunch of rugby-types advertising and I think, "Hmm, that's right it's World Cup year next year". Having been a small player last year in a similar site aimed squarely at cashing in on "all things World Cup" I was intrigued as to who these jokers were.

So I went looking ...

... never found it.

But, I did find this bee-a-uty within their Terms & Conditions:

So that means I broke their Terms & Conditions by linking to them in this post.
Google, Bing and anything else crawling their site and then linking back to it are breaking their Terms & Conditions.
Every poor sod that ever wants to send someone to their site is ... well, you get the idea.

I'm sure they will not come after any of us with a lawsuit.
What it does say to me loud and proud is that they do not understand the web.
It also says to me that it is a closed and "give me your details so I can market to you" approach.

I do not like, trust or appreciate that point of view on MY web.
I will not be signing up to
For the same reason I no longer use Facebook.


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