Inspector Gjelstad Looked Up The Stairs ...

Inspector Adam Gjelstad looked up the stairs and sniffed. The air hung thick with the smell of booze, bar fights, and scariest of all, Betty. - WTF You Numbskulls

So, I see an ad on TV with a bunch of rugby-types advertising and I think, "Hmm, that's right it's World Cup year next year". Having been a small player last year in a similar site aimed squarely at cashing in on "all things World Cup" I was intrigued as to who these jokers were.

So I went looking ...

... never found it.

But, I did find this bee-a-uty within their Terms & Conditions:

So that means I broke their Terms & Conditions by linking to them in this post.
Google, Bing and anything else crawling their site and then linking back to it are breaking their Terms & Conditions.
Every poor sod that ever wants to send someone to their site is ... well, you get the idea.

I'm sure they will not come after any of us with a lawsuit.
What it does say to me loud and proud is that they do not understand the web.
It also says to me that it is a closed and "give me your details so I can market to you" approach.

I do not like, trust or appreciate that point of view on MY web.
I will not be signing up to
For the same reason I no longer use Facebook.