Forget Google, Otago University Knows Exactly Where You Are

My wife went to Otago University back in the 1990's and, like most of her fellow graduates, she was plonked onto a "database" so that they could send out the "University of Otago Magazine". Now, Liz isn't really one for keeping in touch with her old university but as long as they don't ask for money or want her to do anything then sweet as.

She's been receiving this monthly magazine for many years.

Not once has she ever got in touch with them in any form.

Last week the February edition arrived in the mailbox.
And it struck me that they had her name and address perfectly.
They have her marriage status, her new surname and her shortened first name.
They have her postal address including the postcode (for those outside of NZ: postcodes are something most people don't bother with)

In the time that I have known Liz this magazine has always found her!

She has changed her name once and her address five times but Otago University magazine has never missed a change. And these are the times I've known her, they obviously kept up with her OE, her times in Australia not to mention all the addresses around Wellington.

I am starting to think that Otago University is running something akin to SkyNet and will soon be removing Google, which is probably seen as a small distraction, in their ongoing, focussed and never ending desire to ensure that all Otago Uni graduates receive their magazine no matter how much they try to run and hide.


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