Dead Lawyer's Video Accusation Causes Chaos in Guatemala [Video]

This is quite incredible only because you and I can see it. I'm sure there have been many such occurrences in history with letters left, death bed confession etc but this is the first time I've been able to witness it.

From Citizentube: Dead Lawyer's Video Accusation Causes Chaos in Guatemala:
Tensions are heating up in Guatemala after President Alvaro Colom was accused of ordering the murder of Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg. Rosenberg represented Khalil Musa, a man who had been at odds with the Colom administration and was also recently murdered. After Rosenberg's own death, police found a video testimonial recorded by Rosenberg just days before he was shot to death, in which he accuses the President and his followers of killing him, as well as Musa and his daughter.


And now the video itself ...


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