National Government Plans To Go Ahead With The 'Guilt Upon Accusation' Law Section 92A

This just in from the fine freedom fighters (I use the phrase cautiously but knowingly) of Creative Freedom Foundation:
Hi Mike Riversdale,
In this newsletter there are several stories but none as important as the news that National's Steven Joyce and Chris Finlayson say they plan to go ahead with the Guilt Upon Accusation law Section 92A that results in punishment before a trial and before any evidence has been held up to court scrutiny. This is obviously sad news but it isn't set in stone and since the announcement the UK have completely backed away from their S92A-like law due to "impracticalities and complexities", while in New Zealand many people have urgently written letters to their MPs.

Icky stuff for all of us.

What does it mean - if you are accused (whether you're guilty or not) by anyone/company of breaching their copyright they can have your Internet Service Provider (ISP) immediately cut off your Internet access and/or remove the material (ie, take down your website). 

Here's what the Creative Freedom Foundation suggest you're first action is:
What can you do? You can write a letter to Steven Joyce and Chris Finlayson TODAY -- this is important so keep it polite and respectful, it's more persuasive that way. Of course this should be in your own words and it doesn't need to be a long letter. You could mention the number of people that you speak for and their interests, whether you condone copyright infringement that takes money away from artists, whether you think Section 92A is appropriate for New Zealand, and perhaps talk of alternatives to S92A such as new business models. This is urgent, have your say TODAY.

If writing is daunting then check out some letters others have shared to give you ideas ....


  1. I suppose accusing Joyce and Finlayson and getting their ISPs to cut their service wouldn't be helpful either would it?


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