George W Bush - I Actually Quite Liked Him

I've always said that I could probably have George W Bush as a drinking buddy HOWEVER, much like my actual drinking buddies, I wouldn't want him to be in charge of anything let alone be the president of the USA.

A few press photographers have taken the time to have reflect on the time the USA did, indeed, let this drinking buddy have the power to fuck up. My favourite photo is a sad one, of a man at the end of his reign and symbolically alone in the world.


  1. It is very many years since I drank alcohol, but I cannot imagine the strength of the drink that would make me pleased to be in his company. One of the effects of drink is to make everyone equally stupid. Old George would not be able to climb any higher on this scale, and it would take you several years of intravenous vodka to catch up with him. Perhaps if I drank with him eventually I would become so disgustingly drunk that I found the courage to repeatedly batter his face with a cricket bat. That might have the makings of a good night out.


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