Flickr: Commons - It's Going Nowhere

And "nowhere" is grand because I mean it's not going, not being dismantled, not dead.
In fact, the complete opposite.

Why do I say this - because Sue said that I was implying Flickr: Commons could be "mis-treated" by pissed off Yahoo! staff.

I didn't.

AND, the awesome January update on The Commons on Flickr post from LibraryTechNZ is living proof :-)


Dear God Mike - a friend just flipped me the link to your post & the URL nearly gave me a heart attack!!

Thankfully, I don't have to leave a comment to stand up for The Commons, but just say thanks for the link, and repeat what I said in my post: the Flickr Commons group is doing awesome work to not only keep the Commons spirit alive, but to make it evolve.

cheers, Courtney
Mike Riversdale said…
:-) I can't say the subject title wasn't aimed at making some raise out of the chairs with raised fists and fury ... hee hee

And I think Flickr: Commons is HUGE for the world, it can only grow and will one day be the basis of a resource for everyone. And it's totally awesome that we (you) are there are the start of it.

Keep evolving and top work!

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