Mike with the Bledisloe Cup & Tri-Nations Trophy

Thanks Pete for arranging the "cup holding" (surprisingly light)

Anyone can see the cups, just pop along to the NZRU and there they are in reception. For those Wellingtonians thinking "It's bloody miles away" it's actually only 5 minutes from the railway station, around 7 minutes from Parliament and about 15 minutes from the corner of Lambton Quay and Willis Street ... walking!

I would suggest, if you get the chance, to not choose the "wall of b/w pictures" as your background for photo taking!

Mike with the Bledisloe Cup
Mike with the Bledisloe Cup

Mike with the Tri-Nations Trophy
Mike with the Tri-Nations Trophy


  1. Congratulations. I enjoyed watching you play.

  2. It was a game of two halves, all credit to the opposition they came out all guns firing in the first 10 minutes and we knew we just had to weather the storm. Then we settled in and just played our own game knowing that we could unsettle them in the [INSERT AREA eg rucks] and were confident we would last the full 80 minutes and get the result our fans deserve


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