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Ubuntu - not for everyone

Che has given Ubuntu a go and not had a nice experience.
As one of the commenters said, get it pre-installed and you'll be fine(er)

I can't remember ever having to install an operating system myself (except Ubuntu, of course) and certainly not in a Microsoft Windows environment - has anyone recently, experience?

But, Che's not happy and is moving on to a Mac (I suspect that's his first love anyway ;-).
Lessons learnt from Che's experience:
  • Computer are tricky beasts ... why?
  • Ubuntu is close but not close enough for your Mum and Dad to install
  • When did installing an operating system have to be easy enough for your Mum and Dad to install?
  • Move to cloud computing (Interwebs) and forget about your operating system
  • Paying $1,500+ for an "Apple Experience" doesn't cut it for me