Now this makes me take interest in rugby again

Via Dompost's Twitter* - Match fixing allegations rock Sevens
New Zealand's champion sevens team is caught up in what may be world rugby's first match fixing scandal.

Fiji's 34-0 loss to New Zealand in the Hong Kong Sevens semi-finals is coming under the microscope as allegations fly that the Fijian side was sabotaged.

Fiji Sevens coach Josateki Savou has told the FijiVillage website a former senior player had sabotaged the team for personal gain.

Flickr: Mike and Adam at the Stadium watching the Huuricanes v Crusaders (Super 14, 2008)Now that's what I'm talking about - something more than just the normal, same-old-same-old that the Super 12 has become. I went to the Hurricanes v Crusaders game last weekend here in Wellington and was bored to tears ... in fact, left soon into the second half. It was just throw away rugby that's ... well, whatever, I got bored of the whole thing.

When the international season starts back up here in the southern hemisphere it'll be interesting to see if it holds any interest for me or ... crickey, has my rugby mojo finally died?

* What the heck is "Twitter" - watch/read a plain English explanation ...


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