Stay away from Miramar

Only for this Saturday morning (8am-2pm) as it might be a bit chaotic on the peninsula ... unless you're into cycle races of course.

This from the Wellington City Council site:
A stage of the 2008 International Women's Cycle Classic will be raced around the Miramar Peninsula – and through Miramar itself - on Saturday 1 March.

Some of the best cyclists from around the world will be in action in a 120km race that will lap the peninsula 12 times – including 12 gut-busting climbs up Awa Road over Seatoun Heights.

The City Council has given permission for extensive road closures on the peninsula between 8.00am and 2.00pm on Saturday 1 March.

Council Events Manager John Dawson says residents living on the roads that form the race course are advised to move their vehicles away to nearby streets if they want to avoid being 'trapped' by the race.

Roads to be closed are:

* Miramar Avenue
* Tauhinu Road
* Rex Street
* Awa Road
* Karaka Bay Road
* Shelly Bay Road and Massey Road from Miramar Wharf to Scorching Bay.

The roads will be closed to all traffic between 8.00am and 2.00pm – except race vehicles and vehicles involved in emergencies.

A number of crossing points will provide vehicle access to and from the North Miramar area. However motorists should be prepared for short delays.

"Police, race marshals and Council officers will be on hand to escort, if necessary, residents in vehicles out of the race course – however these residents can expect significant delays," says John. "We stress that residents should park away from the race course."

Race organiser Jorge Sandoval and the Council are working together on letter-drops, advertising and extensive temporary signage to ensure disruption to local residents and retailers is minimized.


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