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Breasts, 25c each

Is it Mojo-wide or just the 'Meridian Mojo', you know the one at Kumototo Plaza in the Meridian Building on Queens Wharf ?

All the female staff have their shirts buttoned down to the lowest feasible button meaning that any movement will expose a little more breast than your average cafe. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude and certainly won't be avoiding the place because of it but it seems a wee bit weird that it's everyone - is it part of the dress code for them?

I'm sure it works wonders for the male/lesbian coffee drinkers that require a flash of bra with their beverage and maybe it's even a draw for those that care.

Oh, and it seems to be only the women ... the guys get to work in more clothing.

With a large takeaway coffee at $4.50 that's 50c more than others around.
By my reckoning and use of the sliderule that's 25c a breast - seems a bit steep for titillation, but maybe not ... it was a late night and I can't really care that much.